Oh what a magical card this is. I love when it shows up in a reading, but it doesn’t always mean that love is coming for the querent. Quite on the contrary, the Lovers card is about uncertainty. The Fool as come across the Hierophant and learned values and a personal system of philosophical ethics. Now he stands faced with a choice, how he will continue forth in life.

IMAGERY: Two lovers stand beneath the angel Rafael, the angel of Air, representing fate and the Divine’s role in that fate. Angels depict the refinement of human desires, overlooking the lovers beneath him Rafael guides communication into their relationship. The sun shines on the lovers that hold Rafael and in turn the art of communicating with one another at the forefront of their union.

Breakdown of The Lovers:Unknown

Astrology: Libra, Gemini

Ruling Planet: Mercury, Venus

Numerology: 6

Herb: Parsley

Color: Pink

Rune: Gebo

Tree: Elm

Animals: Dolphin, Snake, Hummingbird

MEANING: Where this card shows itself in a reading is very important. If it is in the past then it represents a relationship that is affecting the current situation of the querent; probably a parental unit. In the present position the lovers card can represent a union with so much trust and strength that it will likely lead to marriage. The card can also point to a strong sexual relationship that is deeper than lust. The Lovers could also be a love affair with oneself, perhaps the querent is balancing the scales of what is and is not important in their personal faith, philosophy or doctrine. Similarly, the choice could be on a grandiose scale. In any event of choice within the Lovers card, the querent’s personal belief system and structure of ethics will be called into play in making the final decision.

  • Love
  • Union
  • Relationships
  • Choice
  • Values Alignment

REVERSED MEANING: When The Lovers appear reversed or upside down then it is possible that the querent jumped hastily to making a decision and now is dealing with the consequences. Perhaps they are being faced with an internal or external decision and are being forced to focus intently on their values in order to articulate them correctly. There is certainly imbalanced energy if this card is coupled with Cups are in a love reading, it is possible there is a love affair in which one party does not care for the other equally. Get back in sync with your partner or cut the ties with someone that the querent is casually dating to turn this card back around.

  • Imbalance
  • Misalignment of Values
  • Disharmony

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