[Super Skunk x Big Skunk Korean x Afghani Hawaiian]

Like most of my most favorite strains, it is so dang hard to find Lavender in a well grown, not genetically bred bud. I found some that was pretty poorly cured here in Pinetop, but despite poor curing I still loved reliving this classic. I love everything about it’s delicate nature. From the smell to the appearance the whole nug seems purely feminine, I dig that about this lady plant.

How Does It Hit The Senses?

When looking at the flower the name makes complete sense. Lavender nugs are always long spears that appear in the same color that you would think, lavender. They’re a delicate light purple with blankets of trichomes on each nug. The aroma, riddled with terpene Linalool, is purely floral. The scent alone can ripple relaxation through the spine. The taste is reminiscent of the smell, it is floral and vibrant.

What Are The Effects?

Almost immediately after inhalation effects begin to take hold in the ocular region and dissipate throughout the body. Pain relief begins to melt out of the bones and muscles as a relaxed state blankets the usually active or anxious mind. This is the perfect strain for a heavy medicator to use to relieve daytime pain. It also works well as a mild sedative and anxiety reliever. It definitely isn’t a heavy hitter like GDP or Holy Grail Kush, you won’t pass out right after hitting it. You will, however, enjoy relaxing as anxieties melt away.

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