Chiron, The Pope, The Shaman; whatever your deck calls him he is the counterpart to the High Priestess. Just as the Magician taught the Fool to channel the power within him, the Hierophant can channel that energy through the masses. For example the way that a person of religious power can filter their passions through throngs of humans.

IMAGERY: A man sits atop a throne in a religious place adorned in 3 different vestments representing the 3 different worlds. He holds a scepter, he wears a crown; all showing his mastery over the worlds. The infinity symbol or crossed keys pictured represent a balance between the conscious and subconscious. Two followers sit at his feet because his purpose is to bring more people to his establishment to spread the word.

Breakdown of Hierophant:

Astrology: Taurus, Aries

Ruling Planet: Jupiter, Mars

Numerology: 5

Herb: Sage

Color: Turquoise

Rune: Othila

Animals: Snake, Dove

MEANING: The querent has a desire to follow due process, to play into the norms of society if this card shows up in their reading. They may be involved in a ceremony or ritual or perhaps the card refers to a person in their life. Anyone of authority can influence the Hierophant to show up: doctors, lawyers, teachers etc. The card could be indicating that the querent follow tradition and conform to a fixed situation. There is no free spirit here, no innovation. The querent could be trying hard to belong just for the sake of it, or they could be in a place to dole out important advice. Relatively they could be receiving advice from a sound source soon.

  • Conformity
  • Group Identification
  • Authority
  • Tradition
  • Beliefs

REVERSED MEANING: If this card is reversed in a reading the querent could be feeling pressure from a group, or perhaps is feeling rebellious against societal norms. They are questioning tradition. Ask the querent to reconsider their recent decisions and decide if they were correct for their inner spirit.

  • Challenging the Status Quo
  • Restriction

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