Essential oils are all the rage. There are raw scented essential oils, combinations according to chakras or healing and more. The very first association that I had with these oils was for aromatherapy. They can be mixed with water and steamed or vaped to promote specific healing or aromatherapy effects. For example, Lavender can be added to promote relaxation and an open heart chakra. Or perhaps patchouli to promote a grounding, comfortable space that gets all the old hippies to tell you really good stories about concerts that they’ve been too. I’m serious, it works every time. When I first wanted to get into buying essential oils on a tight budget, I was concerned because I wasn’t sure where to start. I eventually found my way but decided it’d be nice of me to share with all of you! I compiled this list of essential oils to create a beginner kit and be able to get the most out of your oils.

  1. Lemon

This is a must have in an essential oil starter kit. A few drops can be added to a rag to polish silver and keep wood healthy, take the smell out of laundry that has sat too long and even cure halitosis. Lemon essential oil can also brighten skin when added to a regular face wash routine and remove grime, grease, goo and any gunk left behind by kids or doing work in the garage. Even add a couple of drops to your water bottle every day to promote weight loss. Lemon essential oil is rich in Limonene, a powerful cancer fighting terpene. The oil is used in a lot of recipes for beauty products as well as home cleaning solutions.

2. Tea Tree

For skincare, tea tree essential oil is a must. When dealing with acne, just dab some water down tea tree on a cotton ball and apply to problem areas for immediate drying. Mix into shampoo to combat dandruff, apply to hangnails for quick reparation, and combine with it’s pal Lemon essential oil to make a fantastic all natural home cleaner. Tea tree is very powerful in fighting mold. Place a couple of drops into mold prone laundry and make a mold removing spray with diluted tea tree oil. Lastly, if you put tea tree into an aromatherapy diffuser it will cleanse the air immensely. It’s antimicrobial, antibacterial and has a smell to match. But if you’ve got sick kids at home, are a teacher fighting winter colds, sunburn, toothache or just plain don’t feel good; vaporizer some tea tree for immediate cleansing in the air.

3. Lavender

Linalool is the main terpene property in lavender, which is relaxing and calming to the nerves. It is added to beauty products to nourish dry skin and is generally made into a salve or a body oil. It is antimicrobial so it can be added to a cleaning spray with tea tree and/or lemon for a different scent and easy germ removal. Create a linen spray or add to a washcloth to use as a home made dryer sheet. This is an oil is truly essential to any beginner kit, it can disinfect and the aroma is extremely pleasant around the home.

4. Rosemary

Simply smelling rosemary stimulates the immune system by limiting the production of cortisol and stimulating the activity of antioxidants. Inhalation can also relieve stress, improve memory and help with respiratory problems. It is antibacterial with astringent properties, making it an amazing addition to natural mouthwash protecting both teeth and gums. Add Rosemary essential oil to a massage oil to help relieve pain and tension in muscles, massaging into the scalp can even help generate hair growth. It’s antimicrobial properties make it a perfect addition to acne products while also helping reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

5. Eucalyptus

This is a great option to work as an expectorant and should be on hand for any colds or flus. Create a steam bath or put in a diffuser while you sleep to relieve congestion.  Eucalyptus can help to ward off dandruff, fight itchy scalp and even kill lice. Add to coconut oil with lavender to create a dandruff serum. It can be used as an anti-microbial in home cleaner, hand wash, laundry soap.. every cleaner! For the same reason it can be used to relieve wounds, burns, cuts, abrasions, sores and scrapes. Drop a couple of drops in a laundry machine filter or air filter to cleanse air and disinfect the filter. It’s an air cleanser, odor remover, spot remover and first aid item; it’s a must have on the list of beginner essential oils.

6. Oregano

Oregano is part of the mint family and is extremely cleansing to the system. It can not only fight infection it also protects the body from any harmful organisms that would create future infection. It is so rich in nutrients that daily ingestion can help to bridge the gap if normal food intake isn’t reaching someone’s nutritional guidelines. It is coveted for it’s antioxidants that fight aging naturally and can even be used to help sedate allergic reactions. Oregano oil can help stimulate bile production which helps the digestive system get lubed up and start operating better. The essential oil can relieve menstrual symptoms along with other aches and pains while also supporting regular periods.

7. Peppermint

Since I was a little girl I was attached to peppermint, I drank the tea like it was going out of style. But lets be real, my grandmother tendencies will never be in style. The herb along with the essential oil will soothe nausea, bloating and stomach ache and naturally reduce drowsiness. Repel ants and spiders in the spring time by treating commonly insecty areas with diluted peppermint spray. Mixed with vinegar it can be used as a cleaning product and it also freshens the air controlling any foul odors. Stave off heartburn or cool a fever. Peppermint isn’t just refreshingly delicious, it’s a medicine too.

8. Cedarwood

Another cure-all oil, cedar wood can be added to massage oils for extra tension relief and aromatherapy stress relief. Inhalation can relieve stress and help promote feelings of wellness and vitality while also manifesting a feeling of being centered. It also works great as a cleaning agent and bug repellant when diluted. Apply to the face as a toner to promote even, healthy skin and protect it from free radicals. Massaged into the feet, the essential oil can help to reduce water retention. Also apply directly to a toothache to relieve pain.

9. Frankincense

Any acne sufferer should invest in some Frankincense essential oil to help zap brown spots and quickly heal scabs after the Tea Tree has dried the blemish out. It can help reduce the appearance of scars and bee stings. When combined with coconut oil or another preferred carrier oil it can moisturize and create beautiful skin or even promote healing injuries and wounds. Rub into nails to nourish and strengthen them, a must have after removing acrylics. Apply to temples with a dab of lavender in case of a headache and feel instant relief. Or combine with massage oil for relief in achy joints and muscles as well as a feeling of relaxation.

10. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is primarily ingested and is a powerful oil to control blood sugar which makes it very popular with diabetics. It also helps to relieve symptoms of IBS and the stomach flu. This is because it’s antibacterial and can help to balance the bacteria in the digestive tract to promote digestion and halt bloating. Cinnamon oil can be diluted to clean kitchen counters. It also helps to combat arthritis as proved by personal testimonial, some put it in a carrier oil and use it in massage while some drink it in a tea. The oil can do almost anything, it is a bug repellant, weight loss inhibitor, cancer fighter, and antioxidant. It also is delicious so adding it to food can help to preserve the food items with the antibacterial properties of cinnamon.


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  1. Thanks for reminding people that plants and essential oils are a must. You have forgotten though a very important one: Clover. Was sick for weeks with my stomach and was able to get rid of nasty bug, helicobacter pylori, with a mix of clover, lemon, ginger essential oils in hot water together with probiotics. Best!

      1. Thanks for carinit.Don’t know if it is totally gone but I feel much better. Hope it helps other people; 2/3 of humanity has that bacteria, Helicobacter Pylori, and it is responsible of 90% of stomach cancers. 2nd most deadly cancer in the world and it takes years to realize you have it. Best

  2. I’m currently using Lavender Oil and feel so great, very satisfied! Actually, all essential oils can help kill bacteria and viruses, fight infection, relieve allergies and alleviate anxiety, stress, depression, fatigue, and poor memory.

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