Happy Full Moon beautifuls, this is a glorious time of the month around our house!! The moon is void and will be full at 2:21pm Eastern and 5:46pm Pacific time. With a full moon in Leo it is meant to be a beautiful occasion. Celebrate Venus, beauty and pageantry today to bask in the light of the moon. After a long period of time with no planets located in Air quadrants we were experiencing some tension. As a fire sign I was suffocating. But then Pluto coupled with Mercury and the creative muscles started flowing and all tension began to evaporate. Fly with that feeling during this moon cycle for the most success.

Since the moon shines it’s light on our emotional needs and Leo is based in the beauty and creative energies of the world, it’s time to express yourself. Come into touch with your deepest truths during this full moon. If you write, write. If you draw, draw. If you don’t know what you like to do creatively yet, ponder on it and be weird while you do so. Cultivate your ability to tell yourself the truth.

Perhaps you have the opportunity to go out and dance your heart out tonight. Laugh with friends, get attention, be flashy. These are all things that Leo loves, and the Full Moon is always enticing us out of our houses anyways.

If we are not focused on positivity then it’s possible that we have fallen into the negative aspects of this planetary cycle. Avoid obsessing over that which we have no control and avoid communication based activities as Mercury is still in retrograde. This moon is about sitting with oneself, learning the truth within your soul and creating something gorgeous to help share that truth with the world.

I’ve formulated this little bath recipe to help anyone interested bask in their intrinsically beautiful natures and feel the urge to create.

Beautiful Venus Creativity Bath

For bath teas I’ve learned the hard way, don’t put herbs into your tub they will clog the drain. At World Market I found an enormous tea ball and I use that for my bath teas. Feel free to make a tea bag out of a coffee filter or use a muslin bag. Also feel free to use a drop or two of essential oils that are related to Venus, they just give my skin a burning sensation so I avoid them. Fill the ball with:

  • 2 TB Lavender
  • 1 TB Calendula
  • 2 TB Hibiscus

Place the ball in your hot, still filling bathwater and take time to create a sacred energy space for your bath. Tell family that you’ll be busy for 15-1hr, draw the shades and dim the lights if they’re like a horror show (like a lot of my rented apartments had horrific bathroom lighting.) Light some candles, preferably white, green or red candles that are unscented. Now choose your favorite calming aroma for your space to put into an atomizer. (I have a soapstone essential oil burner that burns with a tea light and I love it.) I would use Juniper Berry mixed with a tinge of Peppermint to both cleanse and bless Jupiter since the Sun is in Capricorn. If you would like to hear music put on flute or soft drums to facilitate a spark of creativity.

Now dip in, relax and let yourself feel the lights of Venus shine upon you.


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