I’ve been baking my own bread to avoid preservatives which was totally fine until I got cocky and switched to a bread maker. My bread hasn’t been rising as high so I decided to let it rise longer. But now I’m letting it over rise and it collapses in the oven. Fortunately the bread that it makes when collapsed is still delicious in it’s own way. Unfortunately for my mouth the super hard crust of the bread scratched the very back of my tongue extremely deeply. It’s been truly painful eating, drinking and all around swallowing.

Since I can’t directly apply anything to this wound I thought tea may be the answer. This cup was made with healing in mind, hoping that the mere application of the tea and taking it into my system would heal my cut. The burdock and echinacea provide the doorway for the body to heal while the spearmint adds in some revitalizing flavor.

Simply Mix together:

1/2 tsp dried Burdock Root

1/2 tsp dried Purple Echinacea

1/2 tsp dried Spearmint leaves

Pour 6-8 oz of boiling water over the herb packed tea ball and let steep for 15 minutes. While you wait for the tea to cool to the perfect temperature breathe deeply from your stomach, not your chest. While breathing let the aromas wafting from the cup of tea wash over you and meditate on the mantra: I am Powerful.

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