Meeting the magician and then the wise woman has allowed the Fool to realize what his tools are going to be in accomplishing his goal and that he must respect the nurturing of his knowledge in order to accomplish his goals. The Empress appears to him then to nurture him in these new realizations as he understands what true power he is capable of.

IMAGERY: A woman is pictured that represents Venus, Demeter and all other goddesses related to fertility, sex, love and birth. She sits atop a throne holding a scepter, surrounded by lush earth. There is usually wheat pictured, whether it is growing or she is holding it. She is fertility, she is femininity and the crown upon her head reminds us of that. She is the queen woman.

Breakdown of Lilith:

Astrology: Libra

Ruling Planet: Venus

Numerology: 3

Herb: Lady’s Mantle

Color: Orange

Rune: Inguz

Tree: Birch

Animals: Pelican, Dove, Butterfly & Eagle

MEANING: This card is often immediately thought of as the pregnancy card. It can signify an imminent birth, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the birth of a child. The empress could be foretelling of the birth of an idea or way of being. But it can also be a call to view the beauty in life, to align with the feminine aspects of the universe. This card is nurturing and calls upon the querent to nurture themselves and others. Spend time in nature, truly taste your food, hear the sounds of nature and understand the beauty going on around you every moment. This appreciation for the feminine nature of Earth’s miracles will create the same magic in our lives.

  • Abundance
  • Nature
  • Femininity
  • Beauty
  • Fertility


When reversed, the querent could be experiencing a ‘sMother’. Someone who mothers them too intensely. Or they could be relying on a mother figure to heavily. This could also represent a block from the beauty in the universe. It may be that this person is bottling their feelings or even blind to having feelings because they are too involved in the emotional well being outside themselves. This card calls for the querent to spend time within themselves. Walk in nature, read a book, listen to your own personal favorite music. Connect with your inner self to reverse the card and bask in mother nature’s beauty.

  • Dependence on others
  • Creative block

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