After leaving the expressive and exciting Magician, the Fool happens upon the High Priestess calmly seated on her throne. He has become excited about his new powers over the universe when he comes upon the opposite of hisdfb083ac7b4315a52dada3945a5c82dc former companion. He sits at her feet quietly in order to learn from her wisdom.

IMAGERY: A serene woman sits atop a throne between pillars with the good book in her lap and the moon at her feet. The moon represents her power over intuition. She wears a horned crown, a red dress and a cross around her neck. She sits calmly, knowing that she has power over the universe through intuition and trust. The veils that she guards are the veils between the conscious worlds.

Breakdown of The High Priestess

Astrology: Virgo, Cancer

Ruling Planet: The Moon

Numerology: 2

Herb: Peony

Crystal: Turquoise

Rune: Uruz

Tree: Birch

Animals: Raven & Cat


The High Priestess represents a need to be in touch or stay in touch with the subconscious. She shows up in a reading when someone needs to ask their inner self the question at hand. Trust your intuition, it will guide you to a positive end. The High Priestess sits on her throne and uses her powers over the universe to teach others how to trust their subconscious. This card will show itself when the querent needs to travel into themselves in order to find peace in their current problem. Be aware of your surroundings and any messages that may be coming from spirit guides.

  • Higher power
  • Intuition
  • Subconscious Mind
  • Mystery
  • Truth
  • Feminine Forces


This is very very slightly similar to the upright meaning. The Wise Woman or High Priestess reversed anywhere in your reading implies that your spirit guides have been trying to speak out to you and you’re just not listening. If this card is in your reading then you’re stifling your intuition and living within a lie that you probably already know is harming your spirit. Meditate on yourself and make positive changes to turn this card back over in your life.

  • Hidden Agendas
  • Deafening the Inner Voice

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