I’d like to make a confession to you guys, I haven’t slept through the night without the aid of herbal medicine for years. Part of my journey to finding the proper cup of tea is to figure out how to sleep soundly and allow sleep to come swiftly. I made this mixture with taste and function in mind, the hibiscus is solely added for delightful taste. Hibiscus and chamomile are two of my favorite flavors together and I’ll be honest I’ve been craving them both lately.

This Blend Will Assist With:

  • Relief from Insomnia
  • Easing nightmares.
  • Calming the nervous system.

Simply Mix Together:

1 tsp dried hibiscus 

1/2 tsp dried skullcap

1/2 tsp dried passion flower

2 tsp dried chamomile

Pour 6-8 ounces of boiling water over the herbs packed into a tea ball within your favorite large mug. Crawl into bed with your favorite book, nothing with too much adventure or suspense in the story line. Hold the mug while snuggled into bed and take in the aromas wafting along with the steam. Take a sip and focus on the mantra: Surrender to the process. 


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