After The Fool embarks on his journey he comes across a Magician. I use the Karma tarot deck which calls this card The Juggler. The sorcerer lays out the future of the fool for his ego is in direct connection to the divine consciousness. This man (or woman) is in full control of their power leaving the fool in awe as he approaches.

The JugglerIMAGERY: This man is often pictured with an infinity symbol overhead showing his connection to the divine consciousness. On the table laid out before him are the wand, chalice, coins and sword to signify his mastery of the universe. He is pictured under a canopy of green plants or roses to represent the divine love from which his powers flow and the deep connection to the spiritual journey. The white garment that he wears is a symbol of Great Work and the red overgarment display that this work is done through love. This emphasis on red and white shows the combination of male and female: fertility.

Breakdown of The Magician

Astrology: Virgo & Gemini; Sometimes Said to be linked to Aries

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Numerology: 1

Herb: Astragalus

Crystal: Fire Opal, Garnet

Rune: Manaz

Tree: Holly 

Animals: Dove, Cat, Crow & Hummingbird

MEANING: This card is usually displayed in direct connect to the personal power of the querent. It signifies the ability to affect the material world, this power must be respected as divine to be utilized for the sacred purposes that it was meant for. If this card represents you, it’s likely that you’ve already felt as if you were a conduit for some sort of spiritual surge of energy.

In a reading this card will generally mean that you are heading in the right direction. Like the magician with his tools laid across the table, you also have access to all of the tools to accomplish your goals. This card can often represent a job opportunity or the addition of a person of authority that will use their power to bring good upon the querent. The point of this card is that the power is there within you, if you trust your spirit guides then you can accomplish your goals.

  • Concentration
  • Power & Action
  • Skill
  • Communication
  • Agility

REVERSED MEANING: While the upright Magician or Juggler represents a lack of ego, the reversed card means just the opposite. Too much ego is in play and the true talents of the querent are not being utilized. It is possible that the querent is not applying themselves to the problem at hand or that they are lacking motivation. Thought is not turning to action since communication and planning are lacking. Sometimes the querent is lying to themselves or clinging to the past. It can also be telling the querent that they have to believe in themselves to move further in their quest. This card could signify manipulation of self as described or manipulation of others. It’s possible that the querent is experiencing a misuse of power, egotism, treachery and/or overconfidence for negative ends. Sit in patience, do not part with money or ideas for 4-6 weeks as you meditate on your personal power. This should turn the card over in readings.

  • Poor Planning
  • Manipulation
  • Latent Talents

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