I’m sure you’ve heard by now of the beautiful majesty of coconut oil and have possibly written it off as some woo woo hippy nonsense. I say this because often times when I’m just so excited about something and share it with someone in my family or otherwise, they write me off as spouting some woo woo hippy nonsense. Such is the norm. And I’m so stoked on coconut oil.

I first learned that coconut oil held it’s nutritional properties at a higher temperature than olive oil so I began sautéing my veggies in it. But soon after, the true nature of coconut oil showed itself to me and I’ve been basking it it’s light ever since. There are just so many neat reasons to use coconut oil that I decided it was time to share them with you all here.

ONE. Cooking with Nutrients

Like I mentioned already, coconut oil is able to maintain it’s nutritional value even when heated at high temperatures. This oil is made up mostly of fatty acids that travel from the digestive tract to the liver where they’re turned into ketones. This quick conversion also delivers a quick burst of energy. Coconut oil is most saturated in 12-carbon Lauric Acid which breaks into a compound called monolaurin in the body. Lauric Acid and monolaurin have been found to kill bacteria, virus and fungi in the body. These are the compounds that are able to withstand high heat due to their structure. This is truly a healthy oil and can, in some cases, cure virus or fungus in the body.

TWO. Oil Pulling

To successfully oil pull grab a tablespoon of raw coconut oil and put it in your mouth. Resist the urge to eat it even though it’s delicious. Now swish it around in your mouth for 20 minutes. This is a long time. I could sit here and lie to you and tell you that I sneak this in every day. But I’d be a liar, and that ain’t me. Sneak in at least 5 minutes of oil pulling each day before eating and after brushing your teeth. The oil leaves a protective layer on your teeth for the day so it’s counter productive to brush afterwards.

The benefits of oil pulling are delicious. First you’ll get whiter teeth from the natural antibiotics and antiviral makeup of the oil. The oil is also ‘sticky’ for toxins and it literally pulls them out through your mouth and tongue. The color of the coconut oil will change a bit and I always like to think those are all the germs screaming for mercy as I banish them from my body. This toxin purge will lead to a full body detox, increased energy, hormonal balancing and skin clearing. Lastly it will help to relieve you of bad breath and dental deficiencies. Be careful not to swallow the oil since it contains all of the bacteria and waste from your body.

THREE. Toothpaste

I’ve been on a mission to replace chemicals in my life with natural products. I just decided that there had to be another way so I’m slowly knocking one product after another off of my regimen that has chemicals in it. About a year ago a patient at my work told me that all you need to make your own toothpaste is a 1/2 cup coconut oil and 3 TB baking soda with added spearmint essential oil to taste. Cowboyfriend said he would switch over as long as it was just as antibacterial and antiviral as store bought toothpaste. Welp, turns out coconut oil is more healthy! When modified with an enzyme the coconut oil/baking soda mixture can reverse tooth decay. In a world filled with antibiotic resistance it is good to take note of this amazing natural product.

FOUR. Makeup Remover

This one is based entirely on personal experience. I wear makeup about once every couple of weeks, but I never go to bed with makeup on unless I want an epic breakout for the next week or so. I ran out of sensitive skin makeup removing wipes awhile back and racked my brain to figure out how to clean my face. A friend told me once to use coconut oil to remove makeup so I had to grab some from the pantry and try it out. I smeared it on a bit of toilet paper and wiped off my makeup. It worked like a champ, it removed every bit of makeup. It also moisturized those areas around my eyes that can make me feel like I look old or tired.

To make my own wipes I put some cotton pads into a mason jar. Melt enough coconut oil to cover the cotton pads and pour it directly into the jar. Seal the jar and let the makeup removing begin! The oil will chunk up but don’t worry about using chunky amounts, the oil is good for your skin.

FIVE. Always Moist Baked Goods

You can use coconut oil instead of butter or oils in baked goods! It definitely adds more moisture than regular butter or even my vegan butter. This is a good option for certain baked goods that can tend to bake a bit dry like cakes or muffins. However it tends to make cookies too oily. When baking cakes and other drier products use a 1:1 ratio to butter. For more oily cookies, etc. use a 3/4:1 ratio.

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