Durban Poison: Cannabis Strain Review

[South African Land Race Strain][100% Sativa]

The first cannabis dispensaries that I worked for in San Francisco, Medithrive and then Bloom Room SF, had Durban Poison available as a regular house strain. At the time I didn’t realize what a commodity I had at my fingertips. You see, Durban Poison is a very sought after strain and many growers will receive what they think are Durban clones or seeds that only turn out to be ‘Urban Poison’ which is actually Durban genetically crossed with Northern Lights.

After leaving SF and moving on to Southern California and then Northern Arizona I have seen many strains passed off as Durban that just plain aren’t. One reason that the Poison is so exciting is that it is a landrace strain. That means that it is not a genetic cross of anything, it is a pure strain from Africa. There are only about 7 landrace strains found in the world today including Acapulco Gold, Hawaiian, Afghani, Lambs Bread and more. It is also one of the few that is shown to almost always have a high concentration the coveted THCv, the cannabinoid that helps you to shed pounds.

Image Source: 91 Life

How Does It Hit The Senses?

One way to know for sure that you’re hanging out with real deal Durban Poison is by the intense mint smell that resonates in the nostril after the immediate citrus pine aroma wears away. The buds will be pine tree shaped and light green with light orange pistils sprinkled evenly around. Real Durban is sticky icky, your fingers will have a residue when you break the little trees apart. There truly is not much better than the sweet, fresh aroma of Durban Poison.


What is the Effect?

Durban Poison will take effect immediately in the nasal region spreading quickly to the ocular system and then the entire head and mind. The slight pressure I often describe that occurs from medicating with Sativa strains is alive and well with Durban. The fabulous difference between this strain and other full Sativa strains is that it usually grows with an unusually high CBD content. After the strain takes hold in the mind it begins to show itself around the body. Those aches and pains that have become a familiar  daily occurrence will begin to dissipate. When the uplifting properties of the high combine with the mellowing body effects, the real magic of Durban Poison begins to happen. A heaviness washes over you but the mind is still very active which creates a calm, creative and almost psychedelic effect. Use this strain for creative stimulation every single time, it will help you reach new heights and help you to get into a focused zone. As for the anxiety that I personally experience with full Sativa strains, that only happens 5% of the time that I medicate with Durban.

Use this to aide with: Creative Stimulation, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, ADD

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    1. You know, I’m on the fence about test results to be honest. I forgot that that was included in the post. Those were the results from Desert Valley Testing on that batch, however until there is federal (or any) regulation about how cannabis is tested then I don’t know that I can take it too seriously. But yeah, that was a high tester!

  1. Not sure, as a reader with extensive experience with Durbans of all kinds, that you even had a true DP to write this review. First off, the THC content is tested way too high. Second, if mint and pine are in your nose with this flower, you probably don’t have DP.

    Look up terpene profiles on DP, it’s flowery and lemony with a spicy backdrop…made possible by Linalool, and humulene, and lots of limonene.

    This strain’s seeds are available everywhere so there’s no reason to be passing around clones of unknown origin.

    Strain reviews are very dubious things until we can get tissue sampling done to confirm genetic truancy….

    1. As mentioned in the review I also have extensive experience with true Durban Poison as well as strains being passed as Durban Poison. Every time it is true Durban there are hits of piney mint. The ‘spicy backdrop’ that you’re referring to can very easily be smelled by my and most other trained noses as piney mint. I can also easily see the combination of Linalool (lavender) and Humulene (hops) creating a pine and mint smell. Terpenes don’t always emit their exact scent, especially when paired with other terpenes. I agree that strain reviews can be dubious in this world with no real standards on the plant but I can assure you that my experience in cannabis paired with my overwhelming need to share the correct information will create the most correct strain reviews available. As for the test results I know that those are too high, there were issues with the testing on that batch and a new lab was found for this dispensary after this strain came out. It was an accident that that result was left there but after the comments below yours I didn’t want to delete for continuity purposes. I’ll delete it now because I agree on that point.

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