After our first excursion into this new blogging avenue of divination, I decided from here we should start at the beginning. So the first card in the Major Arcana of almost every tarot deck is The Fool. This is the only card assigned the number zero since he is the true rebel that is following a new path.

The Fool
Karma Tarot Deck

IMAGERY: This card will always be pictured with a brightly clad individual looking up to the heavens with ultimate belief in the potential of all things. The flower represents the age of innocence while the packed bag and staff shows that the fool carries all that he needs although it has not yet been needed. He almost walks right off of a cliff but a little white dog yaps at his legs representing the guardian that will both push and protect the fool to be successful in their journey. Lastly white mountains surround him to remind him of the Spirit that he is leaving and will work to return to one day.


Breakdown of The Fool

Astrology: Aquarius

Ruling Planet: Uranus & Pluto

Numerology: 23 & 33

Herb: Rosemary

Rune: Jera

Tree: Oak

Symbol: The Pyramids

Animals: Wolf & Dog


When a querent receives The Fool the deck is usually asking them to take a leap of faith into their question. What the fool represents is not the usual negative ‘Idiot’ associated with the word in our society, but a person who sets out ignorant because they are beginning on a journey for the very intelligence that they lack. This is a card of beginnings and faith. While some cards can let you know to sit still and be patient, the Fool is calling you to be spontaneous and run towards your goals with wild abandon. There will be hardships through the journey but they lessons learned will cure the wounds rendered. Also, while some cards can be directed at someone in the querent’s life, this one is almost always directed right at the querent themselves. Do not look back, do not fear the future; trust your guides and jump into life head first.

  • Innocence
  • Beginnings
  • Spontaneity
  • Free Spirit


When the querent receives this card reversed it is possible that they have been mistaking foolish risks for the start of their journey. This person could be riddled with ego that is blinding their true spiritual purpose. The reversed Fool is the ‘Idiot’, the one who is reckless and does not think before he acts. Advise the querent who receives a Fool reversed to be patient and let their guides call to them. Now is not the time to be spontaneous, perhaps you’ve over done it in the recent past, turn your journey internal until you feel reconnected to the spirit.

  • Foolishness
  • Naivety
  • Risk-Taking
  • Recklessness

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