[Trinity County Kush x Blueberry][55% Sativa]

I’m not one for Sativas, but I know that my endocannabinoid system is one of a kind and so is yours. So with that in mind I’ve been searching for some Sativas that I find super intriguing to review here for you. One of the most delightful ones that is available from time to time here in Northern AZ is Trinity Blueberry. Ok, you got me it’s totally a hybrid, but it’s Sativa dominant so I’m getting closer. Perhaps one of the reasons I’m such a big fan is because this strain usually tests with very high CBD, probably because of it’s Blueberry parent genetics. Roll with the Trinity Blue if you’re feeling like having some perfect daytime pain relief or for the Sativa users maybe a bit of an anti-depressant in the late afternoon or evening.

Image Source: High Mountain Health

How Does It Hit The Senses?

Buds are a dark rich purple with so many visible trichomes to the naked eye that they lighten the appearance, almost like there was light snowfall on each bud. Each tree has beautiful spear like bud structure and grows extremely dense. Experience a smell of deep, sweet musky blueberry finished with light and airy bergamot. When you inhale the smoke or vapor from this beauty, the terpene profile is represented with a fresh blueberry taste that finishes in a lemon pine.

What is the Effect?

While this strain has high CBD it also has extremely high THC, topping out sometimes in the 20th percentile. After taking a rip all of the receptors in your brain will ignite, making you feel a slight pressure that is in no way painful in your cranium that moves to your ocular system. The face will feel alive and the mind will feel alert and active almost immediately after inhalation. After about 5 minutes you will begin to feel the joints and muscles in your body release in all of those tense places. The relaxation will seep into your body while your mind remains quite stimulated with a very engaged and present sense of energy. With the pain of your body subsiding and the light in your mind’s eye shining you should experience an anti-depressant euphoric effect.

Some inexperienced THC medicaters should  be prepared for the liftoff of the mind or they could experience some anxiety with the onset of this strain. If this is the case mix the strain with a CBD high THC low strain (Harlequin, Cannatonic, ACDC, Harley Tsu etc.). This will counter those THC effects and heighten the pain relief and seizure relief.

Use this to aide with: Anxiety, Depression, Pain Relief, Relaxation, Stress Relief and Light Seizures (Check test results for CBD levels of each batch for medicating seizures.) 

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  1. Lol AZ? You can’t review weed in AZ.. Its all total BOGUS.

    “i dont like Sativas blah blah blah ” Yeah I hear that a lot from people in Arizona. Because there are no Sativas in Arizona. They take too long to grow.

    Azs weed is an absolute joke. It smells and tastes like the chemicals and additives it was grown with.. not even like weed.

    Go look up the properties of a prematurely harvested, poorly grown Cannabis plant.. I bet your “Sativa symptoms” match exactly.

    Seriously, reviewing weed in AZ? Lol impossible. It doesn’t even register on the quality scale its so bad, the garbage dispensaries are growing. My first crop was a dozen times better.
    than any dispo. Anyone’s first crop would be. It’s an absolute monopolized fraud market, full of moldy, fungicide soaked, premature undeveloped perfumed, sugar infused bullcrap, and everyone knows it.

    They sell POPCORN on the top shelf for Christs sake! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand every review for Az dispensary weed is a shill for the fake ass monopoly industry.

    Every blueberry strain I’ve tried has been Blueberry Dream and Blueberry Final Flush. Those are gimmick products, bud perfumes, not strains!

    1. Hi person, I’m so sorry to whoever hurt you in Arizona. Some flower is bad, some is good. A lot more is bad than good in AZ, but this strain happened to be pretty great. I’d also always recommend things grown by TruMed in that state. K byeee.

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