I know that I’ve been neglecting you angels, I’m so sorry for the radio silence on the blog. Life has drifted me away to realizing that living it is more important than blogging about it. I’ve been climbing rocks and trying new yoga classes and just being out in the world more often.

Unfortunately for all of you that care, that means no tea recipes or herb spotlights. I will have you know that I’m working on an amazing write up about Rosemary and have a super vital tea recipe in the works for you right now. Just be patient and meditate on what you will give up this month.

We are in the Fall season and have had our first legendary Full Moon of Autumn, focus hard on the things that you would prefer to leave behind with the blood moon. Pray to Kali to take these negativities away from you and utilize them for her own power, you are strength and the Full Moon allows you to practice that.

Namaste Beauties.

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