I took the most delicious yoga class yesterday, seriously I have not felt that mushy and strong at the same time in my whole life. The class was feminine based and focused on moon salutations as opposed to sun salutations. I’d like you to know that I slept better last night than I have in years, and I ate TONS of sugar yesterday since I was baking those epic whoopie pies. I almost wanted more coffee when I got home, but I decided I would make a cup of tea to keep vining on the super blissed out feelings that I was already feeling.

A naturopath in town makes herbal tonics with a  pitcher plant base, that is what is in my joint and muscle tonic. Today we’re going to look into the tea, but keep an eye out for a spotlight post not the herbs in the Joint and Muscle tonic that I listed below. Also keep an eye out because I intend to write about my yoga experience as well… it was just that good!

This blend will aide in relieving:

  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • ADHD
  • nausea
  • auto immune oriented thyroid issues
  • inflammation

Simply Mix Together:

1 TB dried Lavender

1/5 TB dried Lemon Balm

1 tsp Joint and Muscle Tonic

Put the dried herbs into your tea ball and the tonic into the bottom of the cup. Once water has boiled pour 6-8 oz of water over your tea ball and the tonic, stir until you see the tonic disperse into the water. Let steep 5-15 minutes depending on your own personal preferences. Enjoy this blend at any time, during a lazy afternoon as the monsoon comes in (which is how I enjoyed mine) or in the evening before bed. The flavor profiles will be mellow and floral with a sweet citrus undertone. There is some alcohol in the tonic, so be weary if you are sensitive to alcohol.

Sit with your warm cup, let the aromas of relaxation wash over you and meditate on this mantra: I cultivate my own garden. 

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