This Summer has been filled with some interesting planetary aspects. With Venus in retrograde we’re really being faced with past issues in our relationships with others. I’ve worked hard to figure out how to work through these issues that have arisen as my past reveals itself with my current love. It is almost as if we’re faced with looking at our current lovers with the eyes we held in our past relationships.

I’ve worked hard to stop putting blame on him for the pain in my heart left by others. Pain left there to rot by those who never truly cared, has begun to secrete it’s stench into my beautiful true romance. But that’s enough about Venus retrograde, it has just effected my moon cycles these last months. And don’t get excited, when Venus turns direct again Mercury moves into retrograde because the stars and planets will never stop challenging us.

As for this New Moon, it was the rise of the dark feminine. After the resurgence of the Divine Feminine I’ve felt a magical part of me wake up. And this moon in Leo was no different. Leo is a feminine sign that loves the spotlight but also has the most fragile of egos. We felt powerful but terrified to express it with the new moon this month, which occurred last Friday. DOn’t let yourself get too high on the ego, because if you don’t wait for the moon to wax a bit this month you could regret he whistles that you blow. Set your intentions in relation to relaxing your ego and finding your true inner power.

Body: I’ve lost my yoga practice, my body and the other parts are in dire need of a regular practice. I cannot wait to feel my body as strong as it was only one month ago when I was actually dedicating myself.

Mind: I have been trying to help others too much again, I have an issue with that. Ram Dass once quoted that you cannot go to someone else’s garden and tell them how to grow. If you cultivate the garden around yourself others will want to come spend time in it and maybe even ask how you were able to grow something to beautiful. I’m going to continue the journey to cultivating my own garden.

Spirit: I want to go back to church. My job continues to schedule me on Sundays although I continue to tell them I want to attend church. I’m going to do it anyways because I am powerful and I should reclaim that.

I hope that you also take a moment to set some New Moon intentions this month, even if you don’t follow through with them it’s good for strengthening the mind. Remember that you a strong, divine being and nothing that has or will happen can change that.

Namaste ❤

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