Wow. Since the last Full Moon I’ve felt my entire being shifted and catapulted in different directions just dragging my mind and emotions along with it. I haven’t felt stable in months and it’s wearing on me, my love, my job and my blogging. For some reason it is in these times that I forget all of the knowledge I have to help myself out of this rut.

Venus has moved retrograde and it is bouncing me around to past feelings in relationships that are complete void in my current love situation. I am almost regressing my emotional self within my relationship and it’s really confusing. I think it comes down to fixing this behavior. I need to honor it and move through to another phase of my adult self within the confines of joining that self with another. Any who, I digress. This is intense spiritual work, to look back at yourself without judgement and heal those wounds that only you can heal. It makes us better to further our foundation, but the work it takes to do so relies on a balanced and relaxed mind. Right, that might be something that I’m not blessed with at the moment.

SO my decoction of the day is so simple, so delicious and oh so relaxing. Just combining these two herbs compliment each other in flavor and create a perfect evening or afternoon beverage.

This Brew Aides In:

-Anxiety Relief

-Stress Relief

-Communing with the Gods

-Relaxing the mind

-Restful sleep

Simply Mix Together:

1 TB dried Kava Root

1.5 TB Lavender

Put the herbs into your tea ball and into your mug. Pour 6-8 ounces of boiling water over the tea ball into the mug and let sit for 5-15 minutes depending your taste for the herbs and desired steep. Kava has a tendency to feel more thick and syrupy when filtered. For me the taste is that of deep sweetness hinted with a floral musk. Kava Kava is said to promote divine thought due to the effects of relaxation in the conscious mind. It is also known to be a muscle relaxant. Lavender will help with relaxing the mind as well as erasing worry. Spiritually lavender has been known to help in protection spells, specifically in the home. It increases love and fidelity and can be used when fresh or dried.

Sit with your cup, let the aromas wash over you with their warmth. Remind yourself of this mantra: My time is mine

WARNING: Please be careful before brewing this mixture, if you have any history of liver damage or disease consult a physician before ever using Kava root in your daily regimen. 

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