We made it! Woo, I wasn’t sure I would this time. I hope that your waning moon period was less than treacherous, it is a scary thing as the moon begins to shrink and our power seemingly along with it. It is these moments when we feel ourselves releasing the power of the full moon that we begin to question everything. If we can understand that clearing of the last cycle as a good thing then it will be less terrifying.

A waning moon approaching the new moon is a perfect time to recall the things that you want to shine a more positive light upon in your life. That way you are prepared to be honest with yourself while setting your intentions for the new moon. Cancer is the earth mother, the crab that descends into water while also walking on the earth breathing the air.

This specific new moon in Cancer relates us to all of our soft and mushy emotions, no matter how far we push them down. We may have felt like victims or unknowingly victimized those around us. In either instance, we had the opportunity to gain more understanding of the deep emotions a Cancer sun or moon sign feels every single day. In honor of that my intentions are set in order to help to balance my subjective emotional roller coaster.

Body Intention: Lover and I made a deal to go on a run through our beautiful backyard forest at least twice a week.

Mind Intention: I am going to shut off the devices and read a book at least once a day.

Spirit Intention: Although this is a body, mind & spirit healer; meditate. I am going to meditate at least 10 minutes a day.

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