My love came home from work with a nagging digestive issue, so I whipped this brew up specifically with clearing and relieving digestive system in my mind. It will actually also provide some clarity and relief from anxieties.

The blend is tasty, bright and tangy with a tinge of sweetness. Enjoy after a long day at work to unwind or in the morning to get the digestive juices flowing for the day.

This Brew Aides In:

-anxiety and depression relief

-digestive relief

-stomach cramping

-connecting to your environment

Simply Mix Together:

2 tsp chamomile

2 tsp spearmint

Drop a lemon slice in the bottom of your big, happy mug and fill the tea ball or muslin bag with your herbs and place in mug. Boil 6 oz of water and pour over your ingredients into the mug. Let steep for 5-15 minutes depending on personal preference. As you drink feel your woes give way and your stomach feel more at ease almost immediately. Relaxation of the mind sets in while the lemon keeps you still feeling alive and vibrant. Enjoy your cup!

As you hold your warm mug let the aroma and warmth over take you. Meditate on the mantra: I am within and I am without. 

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