Holy Cow my little witches, was that a Full Moon or what! I had a friend from San Francisco actually text me and ask if the Full Moon this month should give her anxiety. I like to look at the Full Moons the way that I assess someone’s individual astrological sun sign. This one was in Capricorn, the Cardinal Earth sign of the Zodiac. Caps are generally harsh, judgmental and downright not much fun. Don’t get me wrong there are some playful Capricorns out there, but I’m willing to bet there is Gemini or Sagittarius in their back chart. Generally they’re a compass of perfection from their own mind’s eye, so it’s only fitting that this Full Moon destroyed me… and apparently my friend Amanda.

In the culminating days to the Full Moon I became so stressed I broke out in acne on my entire chin, my work situation was horrible and I couldn’t work for a couple of days and my mood was generally bleak. My blog completely dissipated with the high stress levels (sorry dudes!) and I even took an entire week off of yoga. Basically my life sort of fell apart, which happens from time to time for me in the ascending week before the full moon. I follow the cycles and set intentions to try to offset this affect, but sometimes the lunar lady is just too strong.

It only makes sense that we are hard on ourselves in this Full Moon, just as Capricorns are hard on themselves and those around them. Feel this fully, let the feelings of harsh judgments wash over and through you. Use them to your benefit instead of letting them destroy you. We are descending back to a New Moon which will be in Cancer, so we can all relax in the gentle mother crab in a couple of weeks. In this time as you feel your power beginning to falter, don’t let it phase you. Just mellow into the feelings of not judging yourself so harshly and prepare for the spring of nurturing love to rejuvenate you on the New Moon in Cancer July 15, 2015.

Reflections on my Intentions:

The reason I set to write out my intentions is because I always set them and never follow them. So I will report back, I haven’t followed one of my intentions since I set them. I did however pick up entirely new rituals. I go on runs with the love into nature and bless the earth with every step. We’ve also made a conscious decision to eat less gluten. And starting July 6 (Lovers birthday) we will be doing a handstand every day for one year, just for fun :). So I don’t see this as a failure, I see it as a complete curve ball which is totally my favorite.

Many blessings to all of your astral creatures, I love you and your light. Keep cultivating that shiny brightness that resides in your heart.


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