The New Moon is a time of beginnings. This lunar stage is represented by the maiden, supple and fertile; ready to plant seeds of intention. Setting the intentions allows us to focus during the lunar cycle. When we pay New Moonattention to our new moon the full moon becomes a celebration instead of a time of mass anarchy and chaos.

In the new moon it is also important to practice morning meditation or yoga. Rise with the sun and welcome the new lunar cycle with wild abandon. These are my personal intentions for this New Moon in Gemini.

Mercury Direct and the Release from Retrograde

Mercury has finally come direct again, but this specific Mercury retrograde this year has been quite hard. While the planet went retrograde the Sun was in Gemini; a trouble making sign that is ruled by… Mercury!

The cycle
drudged up old issues in our lives; whether they were aches and pains or old relationships. For me, it brought back all of my old mood issues; I have been irate and my mood spikes into anger feeling almost unmanageable. I have been harsh on the people I love which is one of my least favorite things. I am using the lunar cycle to help reset my intentions and focus. I will set myself some goals, plant some seeds in this new beginning of this moon and hopefully it will help me to shed these Mercury shadows that continue lurking in my mind’s eye.

Body Intention: Drink hot lemon water with honey in the AM and Turmeric and with warm almond milk in the PM.

Mind Intention: Practice meditation at LEAST once a week.

Spirit Intention: Read and record one tarot reading per week.

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