This recipe is just a side, not a complete meal. But I am super excited about these potatoes. They remind me of the my grandmother’s red rosemary potatoes that we so lovingly called ‘Greek Potatoes’ as kids. If you haven’t noticed thus far you’ll see that my recipes usually serve two people at the most. This can feed 1-3, but it is quite easy to multiply this recipe for a larger family.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.


-2 TB earth balance ‘butter’

-1 TB olive oil

-3 russet potatoes

-2 TB rosemary

-1/2 TB salt

-1/2 TB black pepper

-2 cloves garlic

Prepare 9×13 casserole dish by smearing ‘butter’ evenly through bottom of dish. Wash potatoes thoroughly and cut into 1” cubes, make sure to cut chunks as evenly sized as possible. Put potatoes into dish and douse with olive oil. Crush rosemary as you add it to potatoes, next add salt and pepper. Mix all of the spices and potatoes up with your hands. Crush garlic and break into a couple of pieces, place around dish evenly so that the flavor disperses throughout.

Bake at 400 for about 30 minutes, or until potatoes have lightly browned and a knife slides right through them like room temperature butter.

Published by Carajuana

Since 2011 my time has been dedicated to the cannabis industry and the patients who need it. I have worked at 5 retail dispensaries -both medical and recreational- across three states -Northern & Southern CA, AZ, WA-, and love teaching people how to properly use the cannabis plant. My free time is spent reading metaphysical works, practicing yoga and learning more about herbs.

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