Today’s blend is inspired by my boyfriend as I blended it specifically for him. This one embodies earthy flavors and focuses on detoxing and fortifying the immune system. This can be an evening or daytime cup but is low on energy rising herbs. This blend will nourish the liver and help the body to process other vital nutrients, it will also aid in digestion.

Brew up a cup if it has been a snowy Spring season like it has here in Flagstaff to avoid getting a cold. Or just throw these herbs together to start your day by awakening your immune system.

This specific blend will aid in the following:

  • Immune System Boosting
  • Digestive Aid
  • Relaxation

Simply Mix Together:

1 TB Chamomile

1/2 TB Dandelion Root

1/4 TB Lemon Balm

1/2 TB Purple Echinacea

I have a tea ball but you can put this mixture into a one time use tea bag also. In hot water steep for about 8-15 minutes depending on personal preference.

Hold your cup and meditate on the following mantra: Be easy, Go slowly.

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