When Life Gives You Lemons, Pour Hot Water Over Them!

WARNING: This post will talk about pooping, something about which I am not shy.

A frequent question I pose to my doctors is: How can I be more regular? It is important to go when necessary, if there are blockages or digestive issues within your system it can really muss up your day. Being backed up can make you feel sick to your stomach, bloated and downright ornery.

I visited a naturopath to assess my medical cannabis needs and my overall health back in January. When I posed my usual iuquestion on how to be more regular her answer was simple. Before you eat anything in the morning pour hot water over some lemon slices and drink up!

After doing some research here are some stunning facts about drinking hot lemon water:

  • cleanses the liver
  • help bowels eliminate easily and naturally
  • raise your pH, keep it alkaline
  • help lower blood pressure
  • get more magnesium, calcium and potassium

Now of course it took me two months to actually follow through with this health regimen. I already skip oil pulling every morning and at the time was also skipping yoga. (I’m an all or nothing type of gal ;D) I sit here now, drinking hot lemon water with a completely healthy digestive tract. You see every morning at about a half of a cup through your lemon morning regimen you will expel every bit of waste from your bowels. It is one of the most freeing morning habits I have ever acquired.

It wasn’t since high school that I could claim a morning, noon and night BM. Well kids, with the help of lemon water I am digesting like a champion. If you have absolutely any issue with being regular try lemon water. Before probiotics that cost tons of money just simply buy a bag of lemons. It is too easy not to try.

I have been experimenting, this morning I had a chamomile mixture thrown in and most days I will add a tablespoon of local honey to help me fight the horrible allergy season.

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