Tea is so important, it’s a fantastic form of natural medicine. I like to buy bulk herbs and mix myself a tea that feels right for that moment.

Today’s concoction will fuel my beautiful Friday night. After working ten hour shifts the last four days I am ready to fully unwind and truly relax. I want to facilitate my adrenal system calming down after a pretty hectic week. I also feel that my life has led me on a journey to my heart chakra at this moment, so I am aiming for some herbs targeted in that direction. Lastly, I have been lax on my dairy allergy so my skin is really suffering from acne right now and my body could sure use some help pushing the impurities out.

This specific blend will aid in the following things:

  • Relaxation
  • Heart Chakra Balancing
  • Detoxification

Simply mix together:

1 TB Hibiscus

1TB Chamomile

1/2 TB Rose Buds

I have a tea ball but you can put this mixture into a one time use tea bag also. In hot water steep for about 8-15 minutes depending on personal preference.

Hold your cup and meditate on the following mantra: I am Love. 

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