Heaven and Hell and Everything Between

I was sitting in a church service this Sunday for the first time in over six months. I practice in a Christian setting to be around fellow spiritual beings, I practice solo with my Pagan and Buddhist portions of my personal spiritual nature. As I was sitting in church I realized that perhaps we are simultaneously existing in waking life, heaven and hell.

I know, I know, what kind of Christian statement is that? Well I suppose it’s one of a Christian who is also a practicing white herby witch and zen buddhist. But bear with me, for we are definitely living our waking life and choosing avenues through our actions with which to grow and mature. Each decision in our waking life has a drastic effect on our mood, on our ability to feel the sheer ecstasy of existence.

Heaven is described as a spiritual state of everlasting communion with God or a place or condition of utmost happiness. Now when we make decisions that have positive effects on our lives does it not induce a condition of utmost joy and, dare I say, happiness? For those of us that are more spiritually bound, do decisions that better our inner and outer selves equally make us feel as if we are sitting for a cup of tea with our chosen divine?

Similarly, Hell is defined as a place or state of misery, torment, or wickedness; an extremely unpleasant and often inescapable situation or a place or state of turmoil or destruction. Choosing to saunter wildly down an avenue that is detrimental to our relationship with our chosen divine, and in turn detrimental to our mental and/or physical selves turns waking life into Hell.

Think about it as if we are sitting in the middle of a scale shoveling decisions onto a good and a bad side. Sometimes we manifest an existence of negative space, and have to dig ourselves out of what can become a personal Hell. Other moments are experiences of pure connection to the universal energy which propel us into ‘heaven on earth’. Everything rests on balancing and weighing.

My point is that we have the power to manifest our own heaven on Earth. If you feel yourself slipping into a darkness find your balance with the great spirit before finding yourself in the fiery pits of your own making. And before you make a decision weigh out the options and weigh out the benefit for you. Just love yourself for exactly where you are right now, the right decisions will fall into place with proper respect for your soul journey.

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