[Blueberry x Strawberry Cough] [50/50]

This strain is an all time favorite, and exclusive to High Mountain Health in Flagstaff, Arizona. Strawberry Cough has always been my favorite for creative stimulation but hyper heady Sativa strains personally create a lot of anxiety and mental pressure for me. I battled with my ability to utilize the beautiful properties of Strawberry Cough, until there was Blueberry Cough. The grower acquired one Blueberry seed and one Strawberry Cough seed and spent five years stabilizing what has become one of the most memorable strains I have ever seen, smelled or smoked.

Each nug grows in a densely packed spear that is drenched in trichomes. They purple slightly with a blueish hue nestled on a light green palate sprinkled with skinny orange pistils. One smell of the bud brings you back to freshly baked sugared blueberry muffins with a fresh lemon zest undertone. The taste is sweet starting in a strawberry flavor and finishing in a rich, buttery blueberry. Prepare for effects within moments.

The effects take start in the back of your neck and quickly melts down your spine, for epic Blueberry reminiscent pain relief. Almost immediately feel your muscle tension melt away with a mellow attitude that sits heavily in the eyes. After a few minutes the brain begins to bubble with a gentle euphoria and mild creative stimulation. While all of the cracks and tension release from your body you can sense a relief from mental anxieties and an open channel to the cosmic creativity. The awesome hybrid cannabis strain is a phenomenal choice to help treat anxiety, depression, adrenal imbalance, muscle tension, chronic/ severe pain, anorexia and nausea. Do prepare for fatigue about two to three hours after medicating.

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  1. Blueberry Cough!? Oh Em Gee. Would love to try it – very sad to hear it’s exclusive to Arizona! If I were rich I’d make plans to travel there to try it. XD

    (Are you sure it’s 50/50 though? Blueberry comes in indica dominant and sativa dominant strains – it may be closer to 60/40 or even higher depending on which form of Blueberry was used in the parentage.)

    1. It is truly one of my most favorites. This pheno is specific to HMH in AZ but while I was researching the review I noticed there are a couple of Blueberry Cough’s around the country. As for the 50/50 hybridization I am quite sure, but I did some diligent work asking my patients how they felt before responding to your comment :D. It was a DJ Short Blueberry parentage from CO and Tahoe, CA Strawberry Cough parentage. With the Blueberry at about 80% Indica and Strawberry Cough about 80% Sativa you will find about 50/50 scientifically and then just the effects alone of this specific Blueberry are about perfectly balanced in the middle… although it does finish with quite the Indica sleepy times once it wears off.

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