[Afghani Indica x Thai Sativa][90% Indica]

I have a deep seeded love affair with the Northern Lights strain. In California I became well acquainted with Northern Lights #10 and now in Arizona our house strain is Northern Lights #5. The genetics of this beauty are somewhat elusive, but it seems to have been developed by Neville Schoenmaker in the Netherlands in 1985. He created Northern Lights #1-11 and #5 and #1 are said to be the strongest. All of these numbered girls should be guaranteed to deliver classic Indica plants due to their lineage from Afghani, the most coveted of Indica land race strains. While it was released as a pure Indica, as the strain has developed it has been crossed with a Thai Sativa which creates a slight hybrid effect.

These little nugs are light, bright green and dripping in trichomes. They grow in a dense, ball-like structure and dispay prominent light brown-orange stamen. Take a big whiff and enjoy a sweet, delicate berry laden aroma. Once you taste it you’ll experience a thick smoke with fruit salad flavor that will finish in a rich pine. It is a resilient, short fat plant and only flowers about 45-50 days.

When medicating strain effects take place 5-10 seconds after exhalation. You will begin to experience a sensation first in the nasal passages that moves straight to the body and mind simultaneously. The mental clarity stirs an almost psychedelic creative spark of energy while the body feels gentle relief, like a warm blanket of relaxation melting down your spine and back into the earth through your toes. Ultimately the Indica wins and takes you into a comfortable, melty realm that can be phenomenal for getting to sleep more easily and actually staying asleep. The strain is also a good appetite stimulant and has been known to provide relief from muscle spasms, depression and stress.Just be sure to keep your water near by as it causes quite the dry mouth. Northern Lights also blends wonderfully in glycerin and alcohol tinctures.

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