Knitting: A Love Story

I recently read in ‘Anam Cara’ by John O’Donohue that our souls are like textures given off through action, much like the idea of auras. The soul is an internal essence that expresses itself only through actions. Each action emits a thread woven together with the threads of actions past. As we interact with a myriad of stimuli each day -people, animals, locations, etc.- these personal textures that have been subtly created through subjective experiences begin to knit into the texture of the atmosphere. The soul’s texture exists to be knit into the other textures of the universe.

Baba Ram Das tells a wonderful story in which he describes giving one of his usual lectures in the 1970s to a hall of dress Baba Ram Dass - 1968wearing hippies when he spots a well-to-do older woman in oxfords and a sensible hat. As he wondered what she was doing there he kept watching her nod as if she knew, but it was clear she hadn’t experienced the mind altering substances to get her ‘in the know’ like those around her in the lecture hall. After he was finished speaking this lovely woman approached him and informed him that she was so enthralled with his points about our interconnected beings and energy. When he asked her how she had reached this plane of being she responded with simple gusto, “I’m a knitter!”. Now I have been knitting for 11 years, and through all the beanies that turned into weird mushrooms or scarves that were far too short my favorite outcome is the transcendental thought that goes along with focusing the conscious mind on the pattern.

Every day, as John O’Donohue writes, we weave our spirits in and through those around us. Despite this interconnected energy we can sometimes feel isolated, as if we are standing alone around the circumference of being. But the knits and purls of the universe are all around us, hooking each our souls together. If you can open your third eye to anything that holds YOUR focus -whether you’re chosen catharsis is knitting, cooking, child-rearing or even boxing- you will find focus on this invisible, sheer beauty of your own personal soul texture. And hopefully this new healthy habit for your brain will lead you to understanding the interpersonal relations that helped create the ornate trim AND the ragged edges of your texture.

The world can seem an empty circle when we get caught in the caverns of our minds and forget to embark on some good old fashioned soul mingling. Experiencing pain, loss or any other tragic event can truly lead to the mind becoming a prison. The big, cosmic joke is that our mind is in control of this perspective. We can flip the circle and meet the textures of every being in the middle, we exist in infinity. If you can allow yourself to transcend the emptiness of alone, break the circumference and walk into the labyrinth of mobius we can truly rest our soul texture into the universal quilt. Everyone has a tool to riding mobius, you just have to explore to find the perfect one.

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