Carajuana • A believer in herbal wellness.


Cannabis influencer, published writer & advocate for living a healthy, natural lifestyle that is free of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. 

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Cannabis: Recreational Marijuana, Medical Cannabis & All related products specialized in marketing, consulting and bud tending.

Health: Natural Recipes, Self Love, Herbal Remedies & Exploring Healthy Habits

Wellness: Yoga, Fitness, Exercise and Overall Wellness & Spirituality

Culture: Music, Movies, Fashion & Street Style and Television

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  • Cara helped us create original and valuable content, the categories she was responsible for included health, beauty, fitness, relationships, animals, news, and more. Cara is a hard worker and goes above and beyond for her clients and projects. She learned our systems and processes easily and was always available when needed by our team. We will definitely use her in the future and recommend her services to anyone who is looking for some extra blogging, SEO, and content curating help.

    Samantha Nafso,

  • Cara is an amazing person, most important quality. Next, she has the skills that I am looking for, the quality of her work is immeasurable, and her cooperation in making what I need from her to make it possible, she really helped me a lot on what she need. Will absolutely hire her again, and her every of love and enthusiasm is always overflowing! Perfect fit! Thank you Cara!

    Camille, Yoga Speaker & Instructor

  • Cara has been a part of my team for awhile now. She is invaluable. Her writing skills and her knowledge of the cannabis industry are superb!

    Celeste, CEO at The Cannabis Marketing Lab